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Are you ready to start transforming today?

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The Shift (3 Hrs)

This session is ideal for redesigning your vision, strategy and game plan. It can also be planned for rebooting your thinking over a certain issue. It’s an intense, deep, and thought-provoking session.


3 hours spread over 1 month or half a day.

Creating the Winning Edge (6 Hrs)

This package is for people who want to make major transformation in a short period of time and who are willing to put that will and effort to achieve it. It will help you envision and strategize what you really want in your life and business. 


We’ll have regular, typically fortnightly sessions that are either face-to-face or Skype calls. During the time we work together, I’m in your life available for support in between the sessions. 

Exponential Leadership

This package is especially for entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

We live in an exponential world, and that demands exponential leadership.

In an increasingly unpredicted world, thinking long term is the responsibility of every leader and exponential leadership skills will soon define successful CEOs.


Transformation starts with people. To be a catalyst for the required change, leaders must first unlearn outdated approaches and they must embrace a new awareness, mindset and skillset that can inspire and empower both the individual and the organization to adapt and evolve.


This package is well-known for transforming the way people think and feel about the future. New behaviors and actions begin with this fundamental shift in perspective. You will be emerged as motivated and empowered leader prepared to help push the organization into the future.


1-on-1 intensive coaching package.

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